Bludo is a compact, one of its kind portable washing machine that saves you space and the hassle of washing clothes by hand. It uses a state of the art cleaning technology used by International Space Agencies for cleaning aeronautical spacesuits at the microscopic level, for effective removal of scum and dirt from your garments.

Being petite, Bludo can fit in your home very conveniently without taking up much space. Don’t be deceived by its small size; Bludo can handle a load of about 3Kg in one go while saving you about 25% water and being 30% more efficient than your average washing machine, which makes it light on your pocket.

With Bludo, you not only get clean clothes, but also contribute to a cleaner and better environment by saving about 30% water in the cleaning process. By using our specially created cleaning Pods,in addition to getting fresh smelling clothes, you also help in reducing water pollution as the cleaning Pods are biodegradable in their composition.This way Bludo keeps its customers as well as the marine life happy and safe.

Water Saving

Bludo consumes 30% less water than an average washing machine which makes using it light not only on your pocket but also the environment.

Energy Efficiency

Washing devices are known to consume a lot of energy for cleaning processes, Bludo ensures great cleaning results with increased efficiency at 30% lower power consumption.

Wash on the go

With app-based control, you can manage and monitor your laundry on the go. With short cycle durations, Bludo also ensures that you get your clothes cleaned in minimum possible time.

Why Bludo?

30% lesser water consumption than the average washing machine.

15% shorter cycle durations ensuring quick washes and time saving.

Easy to operate with app based interface using IOT technology.

Highly energy efficient giving you upto 30% energy savings.

Highly compact size allows you to fit it anywhere conveniently.

Specially designed cleaning pods which are safe for all kinds of fabrics.

Organic cleaning pods for fresh smelling clothes which doubles as a disinfectant.

Quick and easy setup and installation without any external help.

Proprietary cleaning technology to give you best cleaning results.

Quick and Easy Wash

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